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Work that fits around your life

Join us to become a Duber Drone Pilot and start earning money flying drones.

Instant & Secure Booking From £250.

Earn £150 per job

£150 is the minimum fee, and can earn up to 60% of the job value.

Why become a Duber Drone Pilot?

Pilots who use Duber come from all industries, setting their own schedule to make work fit into their lives.

Set your own hours

If you become a pilot using Duber, you decide when and how often you fly.

Get paid anytime Fast

We’ll transfer your earnings from jobs fortnightly. or cash out in the app daily.

Transparent & Competitive fees

We pay our pilots 60% of the job value, plus the tips. Duber keeps the remaining 40%.

Get support and training

Our support team are always with you. We offer training to improve you drone skills.

How working for Duber Works

Watch this video to see what happens once you’ve joined Duber, here’s what to expect:

Frequently asked questions

What is a supplier agreement?

The Supplier Agreement is a binding legal document that establishes the terms and conditions of the relationship between the drone pilot and Duber. This document must be signed upon registration.

What are the requirements for being a Duber Drone Pilot?

It is imperative that one is registered with the esteemed Civil Aviation Authority and holds drone insurance, for as the old adage goes, Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Or in this case, failing to be registered and insured is preparing for an unfortunate aerial mishap.

What documents do i need?

If one chooses to partake in the delightful pastime of flying a drone that weighs less than 250 grams, no additional proof of registration is required. However, you must provide proof of drone insurance.

What Insurance do i need?

It is imperative that the drone insurance in question holds a minimum of 10 million in public indemnity insurance coverage, for as the old adage goes, You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs or in this case, you can't fly a drone without proper insurance coverage.

Can i do more than 1 job per day?

Yes you can do many as you like, as long as its between 8am-4pm

Do i need to own a drone?

Yes you do, we recommend DJI drones as they have excellent handling and camera quality